Bio-Active Hydrosols

Certain supplements are better utilized by the body when they are in liquid form, and that's why we stock colloidal silver and copper hydrosols. Argentyn 23 is the practitioner-grade company of Sovereign Silver, which you can buy at health food stores, and Sovereign Copper is also under its umbrella.

Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for centuries to support the immune system, but there are risks involved with its use if it's not prepared well. Argentyn 23 offers very high-quality colloidal silver in four types of bottles based on application method; ask us for guidance if you're not sure which is the best fit for you!

The dropper top on this bottle makes taking colloidal silver internally very easy.

Colloidal silver can be applied topically, and this spray top ensures adequate coverage with little loss of product.

For direct application to the nasal passages, the vertical spray top is way to go.

In addition to silver hydrosol, this first aid gel also contains the homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum.


Copper is a trace mineral needed by the body that can be found in foods like oysters, organ meats, mushrooms, and cashews. It's necessary for energy, metabolism, hair and nail strength, skin elasticity, cardiovascular function, and bone and joint health, but unfortunately many people are deficient in it due to poor diet and/or poor absorption. 


While many multivitamins and mineral supplements contain copper, the body might not be absorbing it properly, and if there's already a copper deficiency, you probably need even more than what they can offer! Read through our blog post on copper to learn why copper supplementation might be in your best interest, and visit the Sovereign Copper website for even more information about what copper does and what sets this company apart.