The Wind Pathogen
14. July 2021
Pathogens are related to natural phenomena in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and out of all of them, Wind is considered "the king". Read on to learn what it does to the body and what you can do to protect yourself from its influence.

Diet vs. Supplements
14. June 2021
Is it necessary to take multivitamins, fish oil, probiotics, and the other supplements on the market today? Or can you get everything your body needs from diet alone?

Blood in Chinese Medicine
21. May 2021
Qi and Blood go hand-in-hand in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so let's discuss the three Blood disharmonies and how they affect your health!

Get Healthy With Plants
21. April 2021
Humans have coexisted with plants throughout our existence, and both of us benefit from the relationship! Read on to find out what plants can do for you and how to reap their health benefits.

Popular Systems of Medicine
10. March 2021
We're obviously big fans of Traditional Chinese Medicine at our clinic, but other medical systems have their merits as well. Read on for a brief overview of other common systems of medicine that you'll find in America.

Breathing for Health
11. February 2021
All of us obviously breathe all day, every day, but do we do it well? Breathing exercises can help build respiratory and immune health and calm stress, and the ones in this post are very simple!

Cosmetic Needles
19. January 2021
Cosmetic acupuncture, microneedling - there are many ways that needles can be used to enhance beauty! While we don't offer aesthetic services at the clinic, we did want to discuss this topic to clarify this aspect of natural skincare.

14. December 2020
Guest contributor Brandon Landgraf shares the health benefits of sunshine and how to reap them even when sunny weather is scarce.

16. November 2020
Thieves essential oil blend is one of our favorite products at the clinic, and in this post you'll learn what it is, how to use it, and why you should!

19. October 2020
The health benefits of dry brushing are vast for such a simple activity! Learn what they are and how you can add this easy habit into your usual health routine.

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