The Menstrual Cycle in TCM
14. September 2023
A woman's body goes through cyclical changes each month, and understanding the different phases of this cycle can be helpful for regulating periods, increasing fertility, alleviating PMS symptoms, and supporting overall health.

All About Yoga
16. August 2023
Interested in yoga but too intimidated to start a practice? This post covers what equipment you'll need, where to find yoga classes, and the other basics.

Promote Healing From Acute Trauma
09. July 2023
Surgery, childbirth, car accidents, burns, sprains, etc. - you will more than likely have some kind of acute physical trauma at some point in your life. The body is well-equipped to heal itself, but what can you do to help it?

All About NADA
13. June 2023
The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association has been using an established protocol to treat addiction, trauma, and even general stress for decades. Learn all about it - and how you can use it at home - in this post.

Common Cautions for Essential Oils
17. May 2023
Essential oils are amazing, but there are still a few precautions to take to use them safely.

Digestion Basics
21. April 2023
Do you know how the digestive system works? In this blog we cover the body's natural processes and what you can do to assist them.

Happy Menopause Naturally
17. March 2023
Menopause is a natural transition for women, but it doesn't have to involve horrible symptoms! Use these natural remedies to help your body adjust to its new chapter of life.

Deciphering Product Labels
16. February 2023
Inspect the labels of everything you buy because anything that you ingest, inhale, or apply will affect your health! Read on to learn a few things to keep in mind when you're looking at product labels.

Happy Periods With TCM
12. January 2023
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, PMS, cramping, or really any symptom that comes before, during, or after a period is a sign of imbalance in the body. Read on to learn simple ways to help with menstrual issues.

The Dryness Pathogen
15. December 2022
Dryness is the last of the Six Pathogenic Factors, and here we'll cover its symptoms and remedies.

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