13. August 2018
Did you know that essential oils can be used to support the body before, during, and after your workouts? Read on to find out which ones to use when and get other workout ideas.

07. July 2018
What are essential oils and how do we use them?

25. May 2018
Guest blogger Sam Kent dives into the physiology of sleeplessness and shares more tips on how to get a good night's rest.

11. May 2018
We all know that physical activity is good for us, but many avoid exercise because it seems like a chore. Let's talk about ways that you can enjoyably add exercise to your routine.

05. April 2018
Use these millennia-old tips to better protect yourself from the cold and flu.

08. March 2018
We all know sleep is important, but how do we get good quality sleep and how can we help our bodies when we don't?

12. February 2018
At Beachside Community Acupuncture we sincerely want you to achieve all of your health goals! This blog is a short summary of all of the online resources we provide so that you'll have a better idea of where to go for the answers you need.

05. February 2018
You may have heard of grounding or earthing, but what is it really?

22. January 2018
Your body is very, very smart and constantly gives you clues about how to help it. Do you ignore these hints or follow them to the root of the issue?

19. December 2017
The beach isn't just a picturesque vacation spot; it has healing benefits too! Learn what they are and how to recreate them at home.

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