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We're proud that our patients invest time during their busy week to see us for revitalizing acupuncture treatments, but we also know that poor lifestyle choices made between treatments can have a huge impact on how effectively acupuncture works. Blog posts on this page include lifestyle tips to add to your health routine.

Benefits of Salt

"Salt for Health" over piles of sea salt and the Beachside Community Acupuncture PLLC logo
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Reflexology at Home

"DIY Reflexology" and Beachside logo over woman stepping on rocks at the beach
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Nasal Irrigation

"Nasal Irrigation on the Beachside blog"  over woman using a nasal spray
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How to Make a Vision Board

Creating a Vison Board on the Beachside blog over a collage of photos
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The Dampness Pathogen

"Dampness in TCM" over a moist leaf
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