Online Scheduling

Credit card required to hold appointments

You are more than welcome to book your own appointments using the scheduler below - click here if you're having an issue viewing it on this page and read through our step-by-step guide if you need additional help  - or by searching for us in the Vagaro phone app. You may also call us at 214-417-2260 to have a receptionist schedule you by phone weekdays 8:30 to 5.


A credit card is required to hold an appointment, but you do not have to pay a deposit. Your card will only be charged if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of its scheduled time or if you fail to show up to the appointment. Please read the full details of our cancellation policy for more information.


We look forward to helping you!

COVID-19 Update

Please continue to wear a mask or other facial covering to your appointment. You may take your mask off during your treatment if you prefer - our treatment room chairs are spaced out more than six feet apart - but otherwise just follow our usual guidelines. Please note that we need to keep our waiting room as empty as possible to maintain social distancing, so any friends or family members that accompany you to your appointment will have to leave the clinic during your treatment.

¿Habla usted Español?

Xenia habla español perfectamente. Si reserva cita con Kathleen, necesita que le acompañe un amigo o un familiar que le traduzca.

Clinic Closures

Beachside will be closed July 5th. Happy (day after) Independence Day!

*New patient paperwork can be found here.


*Treatments are on a sliding scale of $45-$65 for new patients and $30-$50 for follow-ups, which means you pay how much you can afford. We go by the honor system, and what you choose to pay makes no impact on your treatment quality or length. Please ignore the "Fine Print" on the booking confirmation page as it's auto-generated by Vagaro and does not apply to our clinic.

Treatment Add-on: Microcurrent

If you'd like to use our microcurrent device before your treatment, simply schedule your appointment as usual and type "microcurrent" in the notes for your visit. We'll adjust the settings for you and show you how and where to place the device so that you can wake up your body's healing response while we talk before your acupuncture treatment. The cost is an additional $5 to what you would normally pay for acupuncture, and you'll use the device for an average of five minutes.