Standard Process Supplements

Everyone can benefit from whole-food supplements - even someone with a "perfect" diet - because they act as a safety net, filling in for the nutrients that might be lacking because of poor soil quality, poor absorption in the body, or other reasons. For those who know that their diet isn't what it should be, supplements can be used in the "take it or eat it" approach. Not getting enough vegetables? Get them through Cruciferous Complete until you learn to love them. Hate fish? Take a fish oil capsule and avoid the fishy smell and taste. (You get the idea.)


That being said, not all supplements are created equal. If you are currently taking supplements, grab the bottles and read the ingredients. If the list consists entirely of words you can't pronounce, the nutrients in them are probably synthetically derived. With modern technology a lab can take a complex of vitamins naturally found in foods, isolate the most active form of the vitamin, and add that to a supplement, leaving out the rest of the vitamin complex. This may sound efficient, but your body recognizes vitamins in their natural form, not as isolates, and the other parts of the vitamin complexes help your body absorb and use the vitamins as they're meant to be used. Whole-food supplements, on the other hand, will have ingredients that you recognize.


At Beachside Community Acupuncture, we stock Standard Process products because 80% of what goes into them is grown on their organic farm in Wisconsin, which we have personally visited. Not only do they contain nutrients derived from food - for instance, the company's first product Catalyn contains vegetables like carrot, sweet potato, and mushroom - but some also have patented extracts that give your organs "blueprints" to return to normal health.


Standard Process products can be ordered online through their Patient Direct service if you can't make it into the clinic and to pick up your supplements. Please contact us if this is something that interests you and we can give you the information you'll need to start an account.