Young Living Essential Oils

We absolutely love essential oils! We personally use them for everything from cleaning to cooking to general wellness and are happy to educate both our patients about them. Essential oils support the body's natural healing response, so they are beneficial in a variety of circumstances and can help almost anyone overcome physical, emotional, and mental health obstacles.

Oils Available at the Clinic

We stock a handful of Young Living's most popular oils at the clinic and all of them can be bought without a "prescription" from our Licensed Acupuncturist. We'll give you a small list of recommended uses for the essential oil when you purchase it, but we always suggest doing your own research into the various ways the oil can be incorporated into your health routine.

Young Living Lavender Vitality essential oil

Lavender is often called the "Swiss army knife" of essential oils because it has thousands of uses. It's best known for its calming effect, promoting restful sleep and soothing mild anxiety and stress. Also beneficial for the skin, it can be added to lotions, shampoos, mascara, and other beauty products to enhance their scent and give them a therapeutic boost. 


Light and floral in aroma, adding a drop to your water or tea will give your beverage a unique flavor. It's also safe for cooking - lavender ice cream is our favorite - and can be added to empty capsules to make your own supplements at home. 

Young Living Peppermint Vitality essential oil

Peppermint is well known for its digestive benefits; have you ever wondered why restaurants serve mints after meals? Young Living's Peppermint oil is very strong - one drop is equal to 26 cups of peppermint tea - so a little will go a long way! Add a drop to water to freshen breath and aid digestion, or pour a drop or two into brownies for a minty dessert. Peppermint oil also aids focus and energy, so we like to use it before and after working out.


Topically Peppermint will feel a bit like Icy Hot, giving a light tingle and cooling sensation to the skin. If it ever becomes too intense, dilute with a carrier oil.

Young Living Peppermint Vitality essential oil

DiGize is a blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Fennel, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass and Patchouli and only has one job: To support digestion. While its aroma is not very appetizing, it does wonders for digestive issues! You can add it to capsules to take internally, but topical application is our favorite way to use this oil.


If you really dislike the aroma of DiGize, try applying it to the middle of your soles - you can look up reflexology points for the digestive organs to be more exact - and then slipping on socks.

Young Living Lemon Vitality essential oil

Lemon is made from the rind of the fruit, not the juice, so it is not harmful to tooth enamel. This makes Lemon essential oil a great way to flavor foods and beverages - cookies, salad dressings, lemonade, tea, etc. - without having to worry about damaging your teeth. It gives the body a gentle detox while providing an uplifting, refreshing aroma, and it's one of our favorites to diffuse at the clinic.


One caution with citrus oils: While Lemon oil can brighten skin, it will also make skin more photosensitive, so don't apply it topically if you know you'll be spending time in the sun!

Young Living Thieves Vitality essential oil

Orange is the other essential oil that we diffuse at the clinic. It is uplifting and gently detoxifying like Lemon, and helps with Liver Qi Stagnation like Peppermint. Use it to flavor foods - anything with chocolate can use some Orange! - or make the most of its bright aroma by inhaling it throughout the day.


Orange is also a citrus oil and therefore requires the same caution as Lemon: Do not apply it topically if you plan on being in the sun as it will make your skin more likely to burn.

Young Living Thieves Vitality essential oil

Citrus Fresh is a blend of Orange, Tangerine, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Spearmint, making it almost like an oil version of a mojito! In addition to its light and summery scent, Citrus Fresh can soothe anxiety and amplify creativity. We love to diffuse it or add it to club soda for a fun, refreshing beverage.


Same citrus oil caution applies: Do not apply it topically if you plan on being in the sun as it will make your skin more likely to burn.

Young Living Thieves Vitality essential oil

Thieves is a blend of essential oils based on a legend: During the time of the plague in Europe, there was a band of thieves that robbed the dead and dying without getting sick. When they were finally caught, the authorities asked how they were able to not contract this incredibly infectious disease and the band of robbers handed over a recipe of spices that they used to stay healthy.


Thieves essential oil is our top choice for immune system support. Add it to water, apply it topically, and inhale it through the fall and winter - just know that it is a "hot" oil and can tingle! Dilute as necessary when applying it to your skin.

Young Living Thieves Vitality essential oil

Oregano is a very strong oil that is well known for its immune benefits. There is some controversy over whether prolonged used of Oregano oil affects the "good" bacteria in the microbiome like an antibiotic does, so we recommend only using it when you know that you are fighting something.


Like Thieves, Oregano is a "hot" oil and can tingle or even burn, so for topical application we suggest dropping it on the soles of the feet and then wearing socks. When cooking with it, dip the tip of a toothpick into it and then stir the toothpick into food.

Young Living Thieves Vitality essential oil

Rosemary is an ingredient in Thieves and has been renowned for its purifying and cleansing properties throughout history. Like Peppermint, it can also aid focus, and like Lavender, it can also stimulate hair growth. We recommend mixing the two together in jojoba oil and then massaging the oil into your scalp.


Not quite as strong as Oregano, Rosemary still has some heat to it and might need to be diluted when applying to skin. Use the toothpick tip above for flavoring food because it can easily overpower a dish.

Young Living Thieves Vitality essential oil

Endoflex is a blend of Spearmint, Sage, Myrtle, German Chamomile, and Nutmeg in sesame seed oil that supports the endocrine system, influencing hormone balance and metabolism. You can apply it topically over glands like the thyroid or adrenals, inhale it, or add take it internally. (This oil doesn't taste as good as many of the others, though!)


While oils themselves have a host of health benefits, this one may work better with supplements to support the corresponding endocrine issues, for instance Standard Process's Thytrophin PMG for thyroid health, if you have a major diagnosed condition.

Other Essential Oils

Don't see the essential oil you need? Young Living has hundreds of essential oils and oil-infused products that can easily be ordered online. All you have to do is create an account to order what you'd like. (Our referral ID is 1814007.) Please contact us if you need assistance with creating an account; we're happy to help you get started with Young Living!


The usage instructions given on this page are for Young Living essential oils specifically as they are of the highest quality. If you are using essential oils from another company, follow their guidelines for usage as there may be additives in the oils that make them unsafe for internal or even topical use. It may sound like we're being snobs about Young Living, but the reality is an essential oil can be labeled "100% pure organic" and consist of 10% poorly processed essential oil and 90% preservatives, fillers, and synthetic fragrances to make the oil smell better. Use caution and do your own research!


One other note: When adding essential oils to beverages, always drink out of glass or stainless steel cups and bottles. Essential oils - especially citrus oils - naturally pull out toxins, including those in plastics, and break them down.