Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas are like acupuncture in a bottle. Just as your Licensed Acupuncturist chooses acupuncture points to bring your body back into balance, herbal formulas contain a perfect mix of herbs designed to correct that same imbalance. While diet changes and supplements give your body the foundation it needs to start healing on its own, herbal medicine provides targeted support that helps you treat yourself between acupuncture sessions.


Not all Chinese herbal formulas are created equal. Most are based on recipes created by scholars of Traditional Chinese Medicine hundreds of years ago, but they can vary in potency, ingredients, and safety. At our clinic we offer Golden Flower products because they stay true to the original intent of classical formulas and pride themselves on their quality. Plus, their formulas come in small tablets that are easy to chew or swallow, which makes them more convenient than herbs that need to be prepared.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture goes hand-in-hand with moxibustion, or the burning of moxa over acupuncture points. We sell moxa sticks at the clinic but usually only recommend them for very specific circumstances, usually involving infertility or pain. If your Licensed Acupuncturist thinks moxibustion will be helpful for your condition, rest assured that she will tell you exactly how and where to use it and give you printed instructions as well.