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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a whole, unique system of medicine that was developed thousands of years ago. It has a very different perspective than what we know in Western culture, and these blog posts are meant to elucidate some of its theories.

Natural Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Remedies for Muscle Cramps on the Beachside Blog
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The Menstrual Cycle in TCM

Understanding Menstrual Cycles in TCM on the Beachside Blog
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Promote Healing From Acute Trauma

Healing From Acute Physical Trauma on the Beachside Blog
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Happy Menopause Naturally

"Happy Menopause Naturally" over couple walking on the beach, Beachside blog
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Happy Periods With TCM

Happy Periods With TCM on the Beachside blog over a woman sitting on a chair in the sand
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