5 Reasons to Try Homeopathy

"5 Reasons to Try Homeopathy" over homeopathic remedy spilled on a leaf

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We've discussed the basics of homeopathy as a system of medicine before, and in our opinion, homeopathic remedies should be in everyone's medicine cabinet. At our clinic we specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and homeopathy is based on the principle of "like cures like" that TCM and other ancient healing modalities also incorporate into their philosophies. In homeopathy specifically, a substance that produces certain symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same symptoms in a sick person. (For example, Coffea Cruda is derived from coffee beans and can be used to treat overstimulation.) Read on to learn why you should try this underutilized holistic option.

1. Homeopathy Is Old

Homeopathy has regained popularity in recent times, but it is by no means a new treatment. Developed in the late 1700s by Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy was one of the predominant forms of medicine in America through the early 1900s. The British monarchy has been using homeopathy since the 1830s, and its use spread to various countries around the world over the centuries. 

2. Homeopathy Is Easy

Homeopathic remedies are usually small sugar pills or solutions that are absorbed under the tongue; you just need to measure the correct amount and hold them in your mouth until they dissolve. Remedies may also be in the form of eye drops, ear drops, creams, and gels for topical application.

3. Homeopathy Is Safe

Homeopathic remedies are diluted to the point that almost none of the original substance remains, relying instead on the energetics of the plant, mineral, or animal as the source of healing. As with any supplement, choosing a trustworthy company that prides itself on its purity and strict quality standards is key to ensuring that there are no unwanted additives or adulterants in the remedies. 


Because homeopathic remedies work with the body, they do no have the side effects associated with allopathic medicine, but they can produce an aggravation of symptoms as part of the healing process. Choosing the incorrect remedy for your condition may cause unwanted symptoms, but switching to a more appropriate one should easily correct the imbalance.


That being said, homeopathy looks at the whole person, not just individual health concerns. There are many books and online resources to help beginners get acquainted with the various remedies - our favorite company Boiron hosts free classes - but if you have a serious condition or are not sure where to start, seeing a homeopath will be your safest option.

4. Homeopathy is Cheap

While an appointment with a homeopath may be relatively expensive - he or she will probably spend at least one to two hours diving deep into your symptoms and lifestyle - homeopathic remedies themselves are often under $10. Whole Foods and other natural grocers have a wide selection, and even Walmart and Target carry Similasan eye drops. Many remedies can also be ordered online, either directly from suppliers or e-retailers like Amazon.

5. Homeopathy Is Effective

Modern medicine has ridiculed homeopathy throughout its history, and unfortunately many allopathic practitioners still consider its benefits nothing more than a placebo effect. Like many other natural therapies, homeopathic intervention requires customized treatment plans for every individual based on his or her specific symptoms and constitution, which makes developing accurate clinical trials nearly impossible. However, people around the world still heal with homeopathic remedies, and holistic veterinarians have also had success with it with their patients. 

5 Reasons to Try Homeopathy on the Beachside blog: It's old, it's easy, it's safe, it's cheap, and it's effective

Mahatma Gandhi summarized this medicine well in saying, "Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical." If you've been looking for more natural remedies to add to your holistic health arsenal, researching homeopathy should be your next step!

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