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Deciphering Product Labels
16. February 2023
Inspect the labels of everything you buy because anything that you ingest, inhale, or apply will affect your health! Read on to learn a few things to keep in mind when you're looking at product labels.

Happy Periods With TCM
12. January 2023
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, PMS, cramping, or really any symptom that comes before, during, or after a period is a sign of imbalance in the body. Read on to learn simple ways to help with menstrual issues.

The Dryness Pathogen
15. December 2022
Dryness is the last of the Six Pathogenic Factors, and here we'll cover its symptoms and remedies.

5 Reasons to Try Homeopathy
13. September 2022
We believe homeopathic remedies should be in everyone's medicine cabinet. If you've never heard of homeopathy, read on to find out why you should try it!

6 Ways to Relieve Allergies Naturally
17. August 2022
Allergies can be a nuisance, and it's worth trying these natural remedies to alleviate allergies if you haven't already!

Types of Meditation
13. July 2022
There are many types of meditation, so if you're not sure that you can sit still and clear your head, read about other options like walking meditation, heartfulness meditation, and more in this blog post.

Body Fluid Patterns
14. June 2022
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body in terms of Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids, and here we'll cover what Body Fluids are and their common imbalances.

Benefits of Salt
18. May 2022
Salt has many health benefits, some of which you may have never considered! Learn what they are and how to make the most of them in this post!

Reflexology at Home
17. February 2022
While we love acupressure at the clinic, we're also big proponents of reflexology! Read on to learn what it is and a few ways to practice it at home.

Nasal Irrigation
12. January 2022
Nasal irrigation is a simple way to keep your nose and sinuses healthy when exposed to allergens and pathogens. Read to discover methods of irrigation and how to incorporate them into your health routine.

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