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Cosmetic Needles
19. January 2021
Cosmetic acupuncture, microneedling - there are many ways that needles can be used to enhance beauty! While we don't offer aesthetic services at the clinic, we did want to discuss this topic to clarify this aspect of natural skincare.

22. July 2020
Did you know there are acupuncture points all over your body that correspond to different parts of your head? Use these points to find relief from your next headache!

10. February 2020
Did you know that your pets can benefit from acupuncture as well? Traditional Chinese Medicine can be helpful for many species, and in this guest post Valerie Holyoak of OfficiallyPets discusses canine acupuncture.

12. November 2019
Microccurent heals the body at a cellular level, but what does that mean for you?

13. June 2019
In this guest post, writer Laurie Larson shares the research behind how acupuncture can improve overall well-being.

21. May 2019
Your daily habits can make your acupuncture treatments more effective...or give your body extra resistance to overcome on its way to healing. Read some of our recommendations on how to set yourself up for success when healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

16. April 2019
Qigong and Tai Chi are ancient ways to promote circulation through the meridians. Read on to find out what they are, how to practice them, and why you should.

18. August 2017
Does acupuncture go against your religion? The short answer is "probably not" and we discuss why in this blog post.

11. July 2017
Patients are often amazed that I can find sore spots on them that correspond to other parts of their bodies, thinking it's some kind of magic. In reality, Traditional Chinese Medicine is very logical, and in this post we're going to oversimplify some of that logic so that you can treat yourself with acupressure at home.

05. May 2017
It is generally believed that acupuncture started when people noticed a specific point on the body could cause a certain response. As more and more of these points were discovered, they realized that some had similarities to one another and were probably connected. These strings of points are now known as channels or meridians. Another theory is that people discovered meridians first and then found specific points on them, which would be the same as reading the image to the left from bottom to...

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