Thank You

We're excited for you to take control of your health by balancing your body with natural principles! Our Diet Therapy Starter Sheet covers the basics of mindful eating, optimizing digestion from a Western medical perspective, and Traditional Chinese Medicine diet therapy:

Beachside Diet Therapy Starter Sheet
Beachside Diet Therapy Starter Sheet.pdf
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Getting Started

We recommend starting small by working on only one or two new changes at a time. Once you're comfortable with that, add another one, and keep going until you've reworked the way you eat to include everything listed on the sheet. Doing too much at once makes diet therapy seem overwhelming and usually sets a person up for failure. Take it easy on yourself and be proud of every step along the way!


Keep In MInd

Wellness is a marathon, not a sprint, and natural healing usually takes time. Some people see differences in their digestion and energy as soon as they start to change what and how they eat, but others may not notice much until after a few days or even few weeks. Be patient, but also listen to your body and adjust our recommendations as needed. If you don't feel good when following one of suggestions, skip it and move on to another one. Holistic health is all about the individual, and we're confident that by getting in tune with what your body needs specifically, you will find the right path for sustained well-being.


Wishing you health and happiness,

The Beachside Team