Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are a plant's life force, similar to our blood, and they contain chemicals that help the plant ward off invaders, assimilate nutrients, grow, reproduce, and thrive. These chemicals have similar effects in our bodies, supporting the various body systems and even penetrating our cells because of their small sizes. Essential oils benefit all aspects of a person's health - physical, mental, and spiritual - and we highly recommend adding them to your daily wellness routine.


How do you use essential oils? Because Young Living owns their own farms and submits their products to rigorous testing for purity, their essential oils can be used aromatically (inhaling them from the bottle or a diffuser), topically (applying them to the skin), and internally (ingesting them in capsules or cooking with them). When you buy an essential oil at our clinic, we'll give you a slip of paper that has a few suggested uses for that particular oil and some general cautions (i.e. never put an oil directly in your eye). Although all essential oils benefit overall health, each individual essential oil generally has its own more specific health benefits. For instance, Lavender is known for being calming and promoting sleep, while Peppermint tends to be more energizing and improves digestion and focus. That being said, if you're using essential oils from another company, please research how they recommend using their products. Very few companies have the same purity standards as Young Living, so other essential oils might not be safe for use on the skin or for ingestion.

How do you get started with Young Living? If you know that you want to dive in to the essential oil lifestyle, the best way to get started to buy a Premium Starter Kit (see below) because it sets you up with a diffuser, 11 essential oils that cover day-to-day concerns, literature, small bottles and samples for sharing, and a product guide. Even more importantly, by purchasing a PSK you become a wholesale member in Young Living, getting 24% off retail pricing, qualifying for special promotions, and becoming eligible to receive commission if friends and family members decide that they want to start too.  If you don't want the whole kit, another option is to create a Young Living account as a retail customer and order a few products to try. You won't get the benefits of a wholesale membership, but you can order oils whenever you'd like because you'll still have your own account. One last option is to buy essential oils from the small stock we keep at our clinic, which we encourage if you need an oil RIGHT NOW and can't wait for it to be shipped to you or only want to try one oil. Keep in mind that every body is different and although a certain oil may help most people with a certain issue, you might get better results with another one. That's the beauty of the PSK: You have lots of options to try out!


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