Acupuncture for allergies

Allergies are simply the body's overreaction to a usually harmless substance. Western treatments for seasonal allergies usually involve suppressing the chemicals released by the body to combat allergens, which can provide immediate relief from symptoms but won't necessarily have a long-term effect. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our goal is to put the body back in balance so that it no longer feels the need to overreact, using acupuncture points that not only clear out allergy symptoms like congestion, phlegm, and itchy eyes but also regulate the organ systems that correspond to the immune system in Western medicine.


Your Licensed Acupuncturist may also give you "homework" between treatments if your allergies are severe. Massaging acupressure points, eliminating foods that can cause or contribute to inflammation, using essential oils that support the respiratory system, and taking herbal medicine that balances the immune system can all make your acupuncture treatments even more powerful and contribute to your relief.


One caution: At our clinic when we talk about allergies we're always referring to allergens that affect the respiratory system or skin. If you have food allergies, TCM may help in that it balances the digestive system, but a severe food allergy requires a more targeted treatment like Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). NAET practitioners usually only offer treatments in private practice; to find a practitioner near you, check the NAET directory.


Ready to get relief from annoying allergy symptoms?