Acupuncture for menopause

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yin and yang - opposing energies in our bodies which can correspond to Western hormones in this context - naturally decline. A healthy, active lifestyle of moderation and a nutritious, balanced diet can prevent this decline from happening prematurely or aggressively, but inevitably even the healthiest individual will notice hormone changes as she ages. In TCM we see each life cycle as a reason to celebrate as a person moves on to the next chapter of her life, but often in today's society symptoms of menopause make the transition of leaving your child-bearing years a not-so-joyful experience. 


If you suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, or any other symptoms of menopause (or if you experience these symptoms but know that you're not going through menopause), you may have a yin deficiency that is creating extra heat in your body. This is a common pattern that occurs naturally when someone ages - or "unnaturally" when someone's lifestyle causes them to become rundown - and often leads to what we call a "deficient heat" in the body, meaning feelings of heat will come up and then fade instead of being consistently present like in an "excess heat" pattern. Every woman is unique, though, so your Licensed Acupuncturist will confirm this diagnosis through a thorough discussion of all of your symptoms and by checking your tongue and pulse to be sure that yin deficiency is the true root of your imbalance.


To nourish yin and/or correct any other imbalances in your body, your Licensed Acupuncturist will develop an acupuncture treatment plan for you and might also suggest dietary changes and herbal medicine if needed. Some women notice an immediate change in their symptoms while others will notice slow changes over time. In either case, our goal is to gently assist the body in its transition and manage the most uncomfortable symptoms.