Acupuncture for Other Conditions

Are you suffering from something that wasn't specifically mentioned on our website? Acupuncture can still help! We gave detailed explanations of conditions that we commonly see in our clinic because our patients often ask the same questions about them, but that doesn't mean that we don't accept patients with other health concerns. We also have patients whose chief complaints are skin irritations (like acne), Bell's palsy, vision issues, hair loss, edema, and addiction to cigarettes, among many other things.

As we mentioned on our homepage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is its own system of medicine that has a very logical - but very different! - way of diagnosing and treating the body. We see how your symptoms are related and determine the underlying imbalance that's causing them, and because of this, we've had patients with unusual disorders that weren't responding to other treatments find relief with TCM. If you feel "off" - meaning if you intuitively know something is out of balance in your body - but Western tests show everything as being fine, or if your other health practitioners recognize your symptoms but say there's nothing they can do, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and/or Chinese diet therapy might be able to help. Your Licensed Acupuncturist will do a thorough intake with you to get to the root cause of what's going on and then develop a treatment plan to correct it.

Photo credit: Sarah Anna Hansen Photography


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