Frequencies and Health

Healing Frequencies - Music on the Beach

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You probably learned about frequencies in middle school science class when your teacher discussed visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum. Humans can see wavelengths of about 400 to 700 nanometers, which can also be measured in frequencies by looking at cycles of wavelengths over time. Visible light is just a small part of the spectrum, though, and we live in a constant sea of frequencies that have varying impacts on our health. Consider these two scenarios:

  • Would you spend all day in the sun if you noticed that your skin had begun to turn red after sun exposure the day before?
  • If you were given the opportunity to take as many x-rays of yourself as you'd like for one day, how many would you take? (It would be really fun to see what each part of your body looks like inside...)

In the first case, ultraviolet light burned your skin, and common sense tells you that you should not submit to more burns even though you can't see the UV wavelengths. In the second situation, you know (hopefully) that x-ray wavelengths are very disruptive to the body and should only be used in limited quantities. Again, you don't see the x-ray frequencies themselves, but you would know their effects if you were exposed to them in high doses.


Two lines of thought can be derived from thinking of frequencies in this way. First, man has developed technology that sends frequencies in ways that our ancestors could have never even envisioned; what are those doing to our bodies? We discussed this in our post "Using Technology Wisely" so we won't go into that here, even if it's related. Second, if we know there are frequencies that can hurt us, aren't there frequencies that can help us as well? The short answer is "yes," but not everything is black and white like you might imagine. 

"Mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing - a somewhat unfamiliar concept for the average mind." - Einstein quote
All of us learned Einstein's famous formula, but can you truly wrap your mind around it?

In the first "what if" question above, UV light damaged your skin by causing a sunburn and one might logically conclude that UV frequencies must be bad for humans. In reality, UV rays from the sun are essential to the body's vitamin D production as they stimulate a cascade reaction in the skin when absorbed in appropriate amounts. The variable of time makes a huge difference, as does a person's constitution (i.e. someone with very fair skin will probably be more likely to burn). Similarly, a person's state of health will determine which frequencies will be "healing" in to him or her specifically. As we discussed in our blog on microcurrent, the body has a bioelectrical component in addition to its physical structure, and an easy example of this is the need to jump start the heart after a heart attack. In addition to these overt frequencies, though, organs like the heart also have resonant frequencies that have been theorized and researched by practitioners in both Eastern and Western medicine. In a healthy body, every organ would be "humming" at its ideal frequency, but one that is out of balance would need correction, say from an outside source of the same frequency. More generally, though, a person whose body who has a lower average frequency will be more likely to get sick and suffer from chronic illness, so a good goal for most people is to simply keep their overall frequency elevated. This isn't as difficult as you might guess and can be accomplished through a variety of media:

  • Food: Highly processed and overcooked food is not only unhealthy from in the sense of "matter" - as in, it's devoid of the nutrients your body uses as building blocks for its cells - but also from an energetic standpoint. Eating a plant-based diet (not necessarily vegetarian) will benefit your health on multiple levels!
  • Nature: Develop a practice such as earthing or forest bathing to not only distance yourself from technology but also reap health benefits of being in nature. You can also bring some of nature's power indoors as essential oils tend to have very high frequencies as well.
  • Light: As previously discussed sunlight has measurable effects on health, and light therapy has become a known treatment for certain conditions. Beyond using light in general, chromotherapy (or color therapy) relates specific colors to various body systems and conditions, one notable example being the colors of the chakras in Ayurveda. Surround yourself with appropriate colors and you may notice a change in your well-being.
  • Sound: Sound healing comes in many forms and doesn't necessarily have to be provided by a practitioner (i.e. someone who uses tuning forks or singing bowls to heal). In fact, simply listening to music played at specific frequencies can improve health. You can find many of these on YouTube, but we also love the Wholetones recorded by Michael Tyrell. (If you read his book, some it may be a little out there...but regardless of what you believe he is a great musician.)
  • Words and thoughts: Words are basically sounds, and they can affect the body in similar ways. Dr. Emoto's famous water experiments provide visual representations of the impact a word can have on water molecules...and a large percentage of the body is comprised of water. Using and hearing negative words often will influence a person's frequency, but beyond that, even thinking negatively will have a deleterious effect. Optimistic self-talk, affirmations, and gratitude practices can raise a person's vibrations, and choosing to feed the mind positive information makes sliding back into a negative framework less likely.
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." - Nikola Tesla
How will you elevate your frequency today?

As you may have noticed, following a healthy lifestyle inherently supports the body's vibrations. (Funny how that works, right?) Everything is interconnected, and by doing what you know is "right" when it comes to taking care of yourself - staying active, getting outdoors, eating well, meditating, etc. - you will maintain a high frequency without having to think about it. However, if you'd like to learn even more about the science behind frequency and the multitude of ways that a person can raise his or her vibrations - there are many more that we didn't cover here! - we highly recommend the book Vibe by Robyn Openshaw. For now, though, we hope that this post opened your eyes into another level of healing and reinforced the importance of living a wellness-centered life.

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