Creating Your 2018

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Have you ever noticed that when you're considering buying a specific car, all of a sudden it seems like you see that car everywhere? Everyone didn't suddenly decide to buy that car too; your mind decided to call more of them to your attention because it realizes that it's important. In the same way, what you focus on tends to become more apparent in your life, whether that be a feeling, action, object, etc. That being said, where are you directing your focus for the new year?


Writing down and regularly rereading goals is one of the best ways to remind your mind that something is important. Just like it will seek out your car in a crowded parking lot, it can also find opportunities that benefit your goal as you go about your day-to-day life. Our favorite goal-setting system goes by a single word: "Oola".

Oola is a life that is balanced and growing

What makes Oola special? First of all, we love that it emphasizes balance, and as you know, we're all about balance here. Most people concentrate on a single resolution, such as losing weight, without realizing that having a balance in the other areas of their life will greatly increase the chance of success in it (i.e. supportive family and friends will give encouragement along the way). We also like the way that it breaks a resolution down into smaller actionable goals and uses a variety of sensory cues to reinforce the intention behind each goal. For example, if your goal is to pay down debt, you can repeat the Oola affirmation for Finance - "I am financially free and living abundantly" - aloud, inhale the Oola Finance essential oil formulated by Gary Young to welcome abundance and bring clarity in this sphere, and wear the Oola wristband of the corresponding color as a constant subconscious reminder to work towards that goal. 

While we're not going to delve too deeply into the process of Oola here because we want you to explore it for yourselves, we do want to at least get you thinking about what you'd like your life to look like next year, specifically in each of the 7 F's. Head to to evaluate where you are now and then write down manageable goals that you can commit to achieving in 2018. While you're on the website, look through their store; we highly recommend both the original Oola book and the follow-up Oola for Women. Finally, the Oola Facebook page contains food for thought and beautiful motivation, and we love browsing through it to read photos like the ones below.

Oola quote change happens when you actually do
Oola quote endings can be beautiful
Oola quote it's selfless to work on yourself
Oola quote overcome fear

Whether you decide to pursue Oola or not, at least commit to setting down a few goals for the new year, adding in other techniques like meditation, affirmations, and using essential oils to enhance your vision as you feel comfortable. You can accomplish great things once you put your mind to it, and it's our sincerest wish that 2018 becomes your best year yet!

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