Essential Oil "Recipes"

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In the world of essential oils, there are two distinct categories: Singles and blends. A single essential oil like Peppermint or Lavender contains nothing but the oil distilled from a single species of plant (if the company is dedicated to its products' purity - see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page). A blend is a mix of single oils that was usually created for a specific purpose, i.e. Thieves offers immune support. However, you may also come across the word "recipe" when you research essential oils online, and often this has nothing to do with cooking. Let's break them down by the three ways that you can use an oil.


If you search Pinterest or Google for "diffuser recipes," you'll find ideas based on almost everything imaginable: cities, Disney princesses, seasons, moods, activities, and more. These recipes are oil combinations to add to your diffuser to produce a unique scent and can involve both single oils and blends. Sometimes they'll smell exactly as you'd expect based on their name - for instance, we love using Spearmint with other citrus oils like Lime and Tangerine to produce a "mojito" aroma - but sometimes they'll be off the mark. Either way, it is fun to try them out, especially if you've gotten tired of diffusing your same favorites over and over.


If the summer heat is getting to you and you're itching for fall to arrive, try two drops of Nutmeg, two drops of Clove, two drops of Cinnamon, and two drops of Orange in your diffuser for a fantastic autumnal scent.


There are two camps when it comes to applying multiple oils to your skin: You can either premix them together, or you can "layer" them by using the first oil, waiting a few seconds, using the second oil, waiting a few seconds, and so on. Both of them have merits, so when you come across a topical recipe containing a combination of oils, you can decide which way suits your needs better.


Premixing the oils makes them very easy to use. They would all be contained in one bottle, and every single drop that comes from that bottle would contain a bit of each of the oils. Some theorize that layering provides more benefit because each additional oil can give more direction to the body after it has had time to recognize the others before it. We recommend choosing the method that works well with your lifestyle, i.e. if you know you don't have the time or patience to practice layering, then don't feel guilty about making a mix instead.


For musculoskeletal support, we like PanAway, Deep Relief, Lemongrass, Aroma Siez, Copaiba, Frankincense, and Peppermint (in that order if layering). If you don't own all of those oils, then just use what you have!


Finally, when it comes to oils that you ingest, you may actually be looking at a traditional recipe. Essential oils can potently flavor foods and beverages, and often you can tweak your favorite dishes with a tiny drop of an oil. On the other hand, you may also find recipes for supplements, which usually involve filling a capsule with a vegetable oil and essential oils to later swallow.


Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint - often shortened to "LLP" - can provide relief from seasonal allergies and can be ingested as a supplement or as an additive to water, juice, or tea.

Which recipes are you eager to try? There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using essential oils for your health, and experimenting with them can be very fun once you get the hang of it!


The usage instructions given on this page are for Young Living essential oils specifically as they are of the highest quality. If you are using essential oils from another company, follow their guidelines for usage as there may be additives in the oils that make them unsafe for internal or even topical use. It may sound like we're being snobs about Young Living, but the reality is an essential oil can be labeled "100% pure organic" and consist of 10% poorly processed essential oil and 90% preservatives, fillers, and synthetic fragrances to make the oil smell better. Use caution and do your own research!


One other note: When adding essential oils to beverages, always drink out of glass or stainless steel cups and bottles. Essential oils - especially citrus oils - naturally pull out toxins, including those in plastics, and break them down. 

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